Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scrappin' Faster!

Here is the page that I did for Miss Tay with her guitar she got for her birthday. I chose to be VERY simple on the page since the paper was so busy. The bottome right hand coner I used rub-ons to describe our Taylor. She is a very smart girl who finds out of the ordinary things to try. No one in our family plays the guitar and I am not even sure where Tay got the idea of wanting to learn. But here she is practicing away on her own time and loving it!
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Nana Juli said...

Hi Sweet Princess...You look great with that "geee-Taar" in hand!!! You'll be a star in what ever you do in life....I just know!!!! Papas and Nanas...can just sense those things....The Papas and Nanas all do love the both of you!!!

Lolli said...

Cute page! You might need to make an identical one so when she makes it big you can sell it, with her autograph of course, for a lot of money on ebay!

Lynn said...

VERY cute page! Scrapping can be sooo addicting and you are doing a great job:) Keep up the good work Taylor!!