Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been Up To My Elbows In...CRAFT

I can not tell you how many people have called asking where I've been! I didn't realize so many people logged on each day looking to read the next crazy story about our "OOooHH So Normal" Family!

So, no we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I have just gotten lost in a few...okay MANY different craft projects in the last week or so. It all began when I found the wordle website. I had so many different ideas floating through my head that I was trying to keep up with all of them. BAD IDEA.
Then on Monday I ran up to Craft Warehouse...once again...BAD IDEA. I came home with so many things I didn't even know where to begin. Which is why I found myself doing multiple projects at once. As one was drying I started another and when I got frustrated I moved on to yet another...Poor Will came home to a house that looked like Santa's Workshop after a MAJOR hurricane! (I know there aren't hurricanes in the North Pole! But you get my point.) ;)

I started by making magnets with the flat decorative clear rocks. I found some fun scrapbook paper stamped a few letters on it, used Mod Podge to glue them together then added a magnet to the backs and taadaa I have fun little gifts for people. I ran acrossed some ribbon I had and decided to try to make bow magnets. I think they are VERY cute!
Next, I started on something that is going to end up as a prize for this Friday's Bunko Party. I bought a glass block, a jack-o-lantern face rub-on, a small strand of white lights and a bag of small autumn leaves. I transferred the jack-o-lanterns face on, stuffed the leaves in through the hole in the back and then began the pain-staking process of getting the lights shoved into the block as well. The hole was not large enough to get the light through at the same time as the cord so I ended up taking a finger nail file and filing the hole until it was just big enough to shove the light strand through. It will make a GREAT Bunko gift and a wonderful Halloween decoration!
My final projects were started this morning. I have been looking at this post on TipJunkie which shows how to take a tin container (Altoids box) and decorate it so it can be used again for fun. After searching and finding a couple tins (in the back of the pantry) I decided what the heck! So I gathered the supplies and followed the instructions. It really was very, very simple! As I was almost finished I realized that the tutorial only had you decorating the top of the container. HOW BORING! SO, I added my own ideas and flare. I decorated and covered the ENTIRE canister. I am soooo in love with these two containers it is not even funny. The rectangle box I did first and then decided to give the round container a go. I can't wait to find more containers. Will asked me "Does this mean we will be buying Altoids and emptying them into Ziploc baggies so you can have the tins?" He is catching on to my way of thinking...I knew he would come around eventually!!!!!!

These fun containers can be used for ANYTHING. But it dawned on me as I was finishing up, that the containers are metal (duh!)and that the magnets I made the other night would fit in them nicely. What a wonderful gift to give anyone! Tonight I also thought how perfect a Starbucks gift card would fit in the box!!!!! A creative wrapping for a gift card instead of the little paper envelope.

So, long post-short...I have not been ignoring all of my wonderful readers, I have just been crafting and designing things to show you. I spoiled you all a few weeks ago doing multiple posts in one day. I will admit we are a wacky family but even we take a break from the wackiness every once in awhile.


Lynn said...

Great Job!!!! You and I could spend many hours crafting. I love it too!! I have a fun mini photo album idea that works with the tins that i'll show you :) Keep up the good work!!

Lolli said...

So...when is the "Beightol Bazaar" scheduled to take place? You are making me just a touch (okay REALLY) envious. What fun ideas! Kristin and I were just talking at school today about how crafting is such a stress-reliever and just feels good.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a girl crafting night?

SunnyD said...

Oh man...I'm pretty sure I've lost all creativity. I think I'm going brain dead but these things are super duper cute!