Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Hole" History Of A Tire...

During Spring Break while at my mom and dad's house Ryan learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. He has not slowed down since. Ryan can't just go out for a leisurely peddle. No, he has to be peddling as fast as humanly possible. No wonder he got a full-on snowboarder helmet from his Papa Dick on his first Christmas. Papa knew we were in for it with this one!

In the past four months he has become even more daring...I didn't realize it was possible but he has figured it out. Ryan likes to peddle his bike while standing up then push on the brakes and see how long of a skid mark he can make on my concrete walkway. His newest trick consists of him looking anywhere BUT in the direction he is going. He just thinks it is so funny to be looking backwards while going down our driveway. The kid is giving me grey hairs!! That goodness Barbie is able to cover those up!

Last Friday Ryan came in the house and informed me that he needs to start practicing really hard on his two new tricks he wants to be able to do. Popping a wheelie (which I have no problem with) but also riding with NO HANDS! I told him he probably needs to keep those hands on the handle bars for a bit longer. He said he would try but he didn't think that would happen. BOYS!!!

So, Sunday morning at my mom and dad's Ryan comes running into the house yelling for me to come look at his bike tire. I go out to the garage and find his bike turned over and his tire has a hole in it. Not just a puncture hole but literally he has done so much skidding he wore a hole in his tire. Ryan was so proud of the hole. He kept finding people and dragging them to the garage to show off his abilities.

He wanted Will and Papa to fix the tire immediately so he could get back on his bike with the rest of the neighborhood kids. With it being Sunday and Labor Day Weekend we were not able to find a bike shop open to repair the tire. He had to make do with a neighbor's scooter. He enjoyed it but didn't find it to go as fast as he usually prefers.

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Thompson Family said...

I think that may be a Beightol trait... I remember taking Carson bike riding and he would want to have contests with Kaitlyn to see who left the largest skid mark. Kaitlyn ALWAYS lost, something about white tires not helping her cause.

Trace has yet to wear a hole in his tire but they have no nubs left on them. I don't ever remember Kaitlyn not paying attention like Trace does. He can be in his go-kart, motorcycle, bike what ever he never is looking in front of him. Balance is never the issue with him its paying attention. BOYS = GRAY HAIR, help me now :-)