Friday, September 5, 2008

Learning CAN Be Fun!!!

Ryan with the double "Tiger Woods arm pump"

One of the things I promised myself after I decided to stay home with Ryan was I wanted to set aside time each morning to help him in areas that he needs improvements on. Well, we started on Tuesday after Brock went to Kindergarten and let me fill you in on a few things:
1. Boys are sooooooo much different than girls!

2. I was NOT made to home school my children!!!!!!

3. Kids say and do the darndest things!

Ryan playin' the air guitar.

Ryan is still trying to figure out if he is left handed or right. Which causes MAJOR problems. 98% of the time he uses his left hand but then gets a wild hair and tries his right hand! So, needless to say his writing abilities are minimal.

We were working Tuesday morning on holding a pencil correctly and writing his name when he looked at me and said "This is WAY too hard I think I just won't learn to hold a pencil." My reply, "Nice try Buster Brown get goin'!" Ryan: "Fine but I am very tired from all this hard work." Mind you we had been working for a total of maybe 5 minutes!!!!!!

It is a darn good thing he starts back to pre-school on Monday. Good Luck Mrs. Courtney and Mrs. Bender you both have way more patience to teach him than I seem to have.

Today I decided see if I could "trick" him into some learning time. My Aunt teaches Kindergarten and she gave us a few card games to practice his knowledge of letters and numbers.

Ryan and I decided play Go Fish Alphabet style today. I explained the game to him and before I knew it he was ready to WIN. Except he wasn't grasping the concept of not showing your cards.

Then whenever he had to "Go Fish" he would pump his fist in the air and yell "YES!" No matter how many times and ways I seemed to explain to him that he really didn't want to "Go Fish" he never seemed to grasp the whole concept. He and I had so much fun giggling and being funny with each other. But the best part is he was learning the ENTIRE TIME and he didn't even realized it!!!!!!!

In the end he counted up his pairs and then my pairs and HE WON fair and square! He had 16 pairs and I had 10. Monday we will try the Old Maid Number game! Who knows I'll probably even end up learning something from that game!

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"


Lolli said...

How sweet. Isn't it great when you can sneak a little learning into their day? I'm curious though. How many times did you have to say "Ryanjacksonbeightol"? It cracks me up when I hear full names used. I didn't find it so funny when my mom used mine though. Full names mean business.

Kim said...

Mia was just looking at your pictures and keeps asking "Why is Ryan sad with his cards?" and she wants to know if Go Fish cards come in pink...I told her I'd ask Aunt Amy! I also want to know how many times you said "Ryan Jackson Beightol!" or more like "Ryan Jackson B "eight" ol!"or how about "Jack jack!" LOL

SunnyD said...

I'm so happy to see you enjoying your time at home. Watch's addictive. I hardly ever want to leave!