Friday, September 5, 2008

Ideas + Perfectionist= Little Progress

I have realized I am more of a perfectionist than I ever thought I was! I started this page the day after I finished Ryan's page on his motorcycle. I laid pics one way, then another, walked away for a while, come back moved things around again, so on and so on and so on! Finally last night I sat down and said to Will "I am finishing this page TONIGHT!"

While working on this page I have come up with about 4 or 5 other pages I want to get started on also. But the rate I have done two pages, these others won't be done until Thanksgiving!

You can't see Mia's shirt very well but it says: Are you sure these are MY relatives?

Part of my problem is that I have all these creative ideas in my head but don't exactly know how to get them down on the page! That is where my very, very, creative and artistic mother and grandmother would come in handy!!!!

If you notice I stamped Beightol on individual "things" that are suppose to look like marshmallows. To help that along I went out and got a large tumbleweed from the yard and broke off a few different sized sticks. Once I found one that was long enough I cut slits in each side of the letters and wove the stick through each letter. My hope was to have it look like marshmallows on a stick being roasted over the camp fire. ?? Again, great idea in my head; not so sure it ended up looking the same on paper. ?
Well, this one is at least finished and in the book. On the my next page(s)...


Nana Juli said...

Amy...You are knocking my socks off!!!! Wow! Great job...keep it up and so happy that you are having so much fun.

Hugs Mom ( :

Lolli said...

I love the marshmallows on a stick. What a clever idea! Isn't it great to have time to be creative?!