Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Eating

Why is it that kids want the apple cut into pieces until they are missing a front tooth? Don't they realize how difficult it is to bite into things when missing teeth? Ryan has ALWAYS wanted his apples cut up and after Dr Grow pulled that darn tooth he has wanted the apple whole.

It is soooo blasted funny watching him try to bite into it. He assures me he knows what he is doing. Then he turns his head really close to his shoulder and bites down into the apple coming up with a small shaving out of the crisp, juicy apple. Holding out the apple to show me he has the whole process handled!
By golly he is right...he sure is capable of eating the entire apple without it being cut into pieces. He is growing up right before our eyes. Isn't it just when you get all your kids self-sufficient when an "oooppss" usually happens and you get to start all over?!?!?!?!?!?!? GOD help me. What a horrible thought...I love my FULL nights sleep WAY TOOOOO MUCH to let an "ooopppss" happen.
I do have to admit...he is DARN CUTE!!!!!!!!


Lolli said...

Too funny! I bet his cute cheeks get a smidge sticky by the time he's done shaving the apple to the core. I'm hungry for a fresh juicy apple now.

SunnyD said...

This process deserves a video clip....

I just saw your niece's little saying about "calm calm down" on the side. That is freaking hilarious! I can picture her singing it right now. I was laughing so hard when she did it at pictures. What a cutie!