Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Signs Of Trouble Ahead

The face of a child who NEVER learns!!!
So just as I am publishing my last post "Hole" History Of A Tire I look out the office window to see Ryan sitting on the ground next to his bike. (Yes, Will was able to fix his tire yesterday with one we already had in the garage. Yippee!) I can't tell at first if he is just resting or if he is actually crying. His darn helmet is so blasted huge it doesn't leave much room to read body language and/or facial features.

Gettin' up for another round!

The only injury SO FAR today and it didn't even need a band-aid!

I walk out the front door and Ryan is actually just kind of whimpering like a new puppy. As I am approaching him I asked him what happened. He replied with an "I'm very hurt" voice: "I was peddling up the driveway and my tire turned out the wrong way." I suggested he be more careful. He then proceeds to show me what he was actually doing. This TOTALLY explained why his tire turned the wrong way! The ding-a-ling had his handle bars turned around backwards!

Take a closer look...yep he is seriously RIDING with the handle bars turned around!

Now turning with the handle bars backwards

And now heading back up the hill for another round with the handlebars backwards!

I am telling you the kid is going to be the death of me!!!!!!!!!!!


Nana Juli said...

"Yikes...Can we say Uncle Brandon!!!" He certainly has the "Beightol Gene for Thrills"

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Lolli said...

I am so laughing at your little trick-rider! You need to bring him out and ride in front of our house. He could get some good speed built up and make some record-breaking skid marks!