Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Chance?

MISSING: One Dingy Dog(answers to the name Chance... sometimes) loves people and that is only one of his many downfalls!
When we went to my parents this weekend we took our dog Chance with us. He absolutely loves to be at my mom and dads house. They have a large fenced in backyard that he wanders around, eats my mothers decorative grasses, and chases the squirrels. The problem is if he realizes the front door is open he will wander out that direction instead. If no one is aware that he has escaped out the front he will just continue wandering until he finds something or someone who interests him.
So, while my dad, Will, Uncle Bob and I were all at the Cougar game on Saturday my mother and her twin sister Mame were left in charge of the kids and dog. (Bad decision on our part, looking back now! It's a good thing only the dog is missing!!!) During the game we all received texts from Mame and Taylor saying they had lost the dog and they didn't know how long ago he had taken off. Now you need to understand something; we have lost Chance so many times that we stopped counting! So, Will and I don't get really worked up over the whole issue but the kids seemed to be panicking this time which caused my mother and aunt to do the same. (My dear loving mother doesn't handle stress very well!)Mame and Mom piled the kids (Taylor, Ryan, and the neighbor girl Katie) in the car and drove around the surrounding neighborhoods looking for the darn dog. After getting hoarse vocal cords and using up a lot of expense gas they headed back home to hope and pray that he would return on his own. No luck...

When the rest of us returned from the game we too went out looking to no avail! That dang dog could be ANYWHERE in the city of Olympia. There were so many people out walking and Chance is the kind of dog that would follow anyone anywhere!

That night as I was walking upstairs with Taylor to go to bed she turned around on the steps and asked if we could get a Yorkie puppy now that Chance was gone. I giggled and said to her "Chancey hasn't even been gone 24 hours and you are trying to replace him already.?? She said, "Well I miss him but I want a puppy that I can carry in my arms." I just shook my head and told her to get into bed and that I would tell Chance about our conversation when he returned. :)

The only place it seems we didn't check was the Human Society. It was closed for the long weekend. So, my mother is suppose to be going by there today to see if he was put into "lock up" for the weekend. I figure he was picked up by someone taken to their house. Then let out to go to the bathroom and wandered off. Someone else picked him up, took him to their house, let him out to go to the bathroom and then wandered off... so if you see where this story is taking us you understand why dear ol' Chance can't just get back to Nana and Papa Armstrong's house on his own!
For those of you who don't know or had forgotten: remember we got Chance from the pound about 8 years ago. He had gotten to the pound by wandering away from his original home. When the pound called the owner she said she didn't want the darn dog back! We thought she was a horrible, horrible woman but now after chasing Chance the last 8 years I am starting to see her point of view a lot clearer. I do get frustrated with him at times but just like a child I love him dearly.

I so do hope that darn dog finds his way back to us soon!


Nana Juli said...

No Chancie at the pound this morning.. ): Sorry!!! At least you got home with both kids. I will look up around the state Capitol in the morn. I just think Chancie wanted to go into politics for his next life adventure. He is probably living in the "State White House" with Gov.Chris as we speak. (:

Lolli said...

I'm so sad for you guys. It's crazy how these darned pets become members of our family. That last picture makes my heart melt.