Friday, February 6, 2009

Taylor's Life Lesson...Learn To Catch A Football!

So, last Monday Will came home early and the weather was so nice that he and the kids went outside to play. Taylor was shooting hoops and Will and Ryan were playing football.

At some point Will thought it would be a good idea to pitch the ball in Taylor's direction. She was kinda looking but like typical Taylor was spacing out a bit. When she finally focused to see the ball coming her way she stuck her left hand up enough that the ball hit the end of her pinkie.
She came in whining that she needed ice for her finger. I kinda ignored her telling her she needed to toughen up!

As the week went on her finger got worse. It went from light blue all the way to a deep purple!! Thursday I finally called the doctor. The doctor sent us to the hospital for x-rays and then we went BACK to the doctor's office to hear the verdict...BROKEN!!! Great...I had been making my daughter live with a broken finger for days! Hmmm...for some of you this may sound parents made me live with a broken finger for a week. I was made to move it and told to bite the bullet for a whole week before anyone even started contemplating to take me to the Dr!
So on Friday Will took Taylor to see an orthopedic surgeon to make sure she hadn't done damage to her growth plate. He put her in a cast that goes all the way up to her elbow. We have been laughing wondering what the cast would look like if she had broken a major bone in her hand!
She is going to be in the cast for at least 4 weeks. It hasn't seemed to bother her yet. She is able to shower with it which is MUCH nicer than back in the day when we had to try to get a bag over it and shower that way.

I wondered why she had chosen green instead of pink or red...her reply to me was "Mom, green is my favorite color...where have you been?" Well, obviously not keeping up with the favorite color changes!!! So, it is a good thing I didn't pick for her cause ya all know what color I would have chosen...PINK!!!

I love you my dear Taylor! Here's to hoping that finger heals quickly!!!


MOMMY-MOMO said...

ahhh ouch! bummer

cassi said...

Poor girl! Good thing she's so tough!!! :)

Ali said...

Oh no! I let my son suffer through a broken arm for about 12 hrs a couple of years ago! That is a big cast for a pinkie!

Lynn said...

Ah Taylor! I'm so sorry that happenned :( You are now a seasoned veteran in the injury department so you are welcome to play at our house anytime!! I like the green cast cause it is different-like your mom, i would have gone for pink :) Hope you are are on your way to a speedy recovery!!

SunnyD said...

Oh man...I would have just said the same thing thinkin it was a jammed finger! Ahhh....moms. :)

Get well soon Tay and in the mean time...suck up the extra love and attention!