Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Yookin" For A New Bike

Ryan has grown soooooo much in the past few months. One of the MANY things he has outgrown is his bike. He LOVES his bike (remember he wore holes in his tires). Saturday before Taylor's basketball game we went past the bike shop to "test" ride a few. Tay and I stayed in the car cause it was only suppose to "take a minute." I know better than that!!! Will in a bike shop could take HOURS.
We had been waiting about 15 minutes when I noticed movement out my was Ryan riding a bike. It made me laugh so hard because he looked like a little munchkin on a oversized bike. He didn't have his helmet so he was being overly cautious especially for him. He was so excited with himself for riding such a big bike.
We did not purchase the bike that day but my guess is he will find himself a new love for Valentine's Day!!!

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SunnyD said...

WOW!!! Look at him go!