Friday, April 24, 2009

Gettin Fit

So, I started working out at the Prosser Family Fitness Zone at the beginning of the month. I started out going one time the first week and have added a day each week. This last week my goal was to work out 5 TIMES! Yep, FIVE. I made it too. I doubled up on Thursday. I have just been doing step class but decided to try Body Pump on Thursday morning. It is going to kick my REAR END...which TOTALLY needs it!!!

I was able to function much better today than I thought after realizing last night how much I really worked my body. But, it just means that tomorrow morning could be EXTREMELY difficult to get my REAR END out of bed.

Monday evening I will be right back at it though...this summer, this body is gonna look GREAT in a bathing suit!!!!!!

I'll keep ya updated! Oh yeah, any of ya in the Prosser area come join us...I know once ya get there you'll like it!!!!! :)


Alissa and baby Brody said...

Good for you!! I love step class. I went a few times while I was pregnant and I few times after but havnt been back in a while. I too deffenetly need to get toned up for the summer (dont we all). thats so awsome that your able to keep up with it though, i always end up quiting after a few days!

Cami said...

Good job Amy!!! Hope you are having a great summer. :)

The Savilles said...

Hey There! I did body pump all through high school and LOVED it! You will too!