Friday, April 24, 2009

Sheepy Farm

At the beginning of April Ryan's preschool class got the opportunity to visit a local family who has a sheepy farm. The kids were so darn excited that morning. We loaded the mini-bus and off we went on a trek out into the country. When we arrived the kids lined up and we walked into the barn where the sheep were being kept. The owner had asked the kids to make sure to use very soft voices so not to scare the babies and the protective mom's. The preschoolers filed into the barn to find baby sheep waiting to see them. We (kids and adults) learned many new things about sheep. Such as, did you know that sheep only have teeth on the bottom. And their upper lip is split down the middle to help them grab a hold of grass.

The preschoolers were able to touch the sheep wool after it had been sheered. The kids thought it was "strange" feeling.After the tour of the barn we were taken on a tractor ride through the field where we were able to see the sheep running and playing with one another. The kids found it funny that they were chasing each other just like real kids.

For Mr Ryan it had been a LONG day. Because the field trip was on a Monday (the days I work at the preschool) he had taken the field trip twice. Remember how you felt after a field trip...well think about doing it TWICE in one DAY! Sounds like fun until the end of the day and you realize you are ready for a nap.


Lynn said...

It is you!! :) The kids always have such a blast on field trips. you can see it in Ryan's eyes though that he'd had enough! what a trooper :)
cute new background!

cassi said...

So fun! My family is good friends with Wayne and Bonnie and I remember LOVING going out to see the baby lambs! What a fun activity! :)

Ok, what's the deal with the work out place? Would you mind emailing me with pricing and what not? Or maybe they have a website? Thanks Amy!