Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Anyone Want Bologna Sandwiches?

Ryan and Papa Mack bringing home Bologna Sandwiches for the rest of us!
A few years back my dad started asking the kids if they wanted to go get "Bologna Sandwiches" after we would get done eating dinner. The kids would look at him like he was crazy. (I'm not sure my kids even know what bologna is!) Well, after a couple times of going on an outing with Papa Mack to get Bologna Sandwiches they quickly learned that that is his secret word for Baskin and Robbins!

Whenever we go to Olympia someone always bring up that we MUST get Bologna Sandwiches before our trip there is over. Papa takes anyone who wants to go and will bring back anything for those of us who want the goods but not the fieldtrip! Taylor has a really good friend named Katie who lives two doors down from Nana and Papa and even she has since learned that when Papa Mack mentions Bologna Sandwiches not to frown but to grab your coat and RUN for the car!


April said...

What great memories your children are making with Papa Mack! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lynn said...

You tell Papa Mack that I'm available any day, any time for bologna sandwiches :) Love it!!

The Mom said...

That is such a sweet story and fun tradition! ;)

SunnyD said...

THat is priceless. Those are the funny things that we remember well into our adult years. Such happy memories and who cares about calories anyway! :)

Lolli said...

Oh...I am so craving a little "bologna sandwich" right now. I think I need therapy. I hear about something yummy and think I need it...NOW! ;)

Jen said...

Hi Amy,

I noticed you were following my blog so I thought I would stop by your blog and say HI!! Thanks for being a follower!! I am looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you more!!

I love the Bologna Sandwich thing!! SO COOL!! Sounds like grandpa Mack is one cool grandpa!!