Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad Mom...BEEElated Birthday!

Ryan thinkin' he is pretty darn cool with the ladies!
I am such a HORRIBLE mother!!! This last year I let BOTH of my children's birthdays pass without given them a friend party! I can come up with as many excuses as you want...Taylor because: her birthday falls on Wine and Food Fair Weekend and my family is always in town, it is hard to track everyone down cause it is in the summer, I hate doing parties alone (WAY TOO MUCH STRESS!!!) so I won't do them during the day while Will is at work, school started, etc.... Ryan because: his birthday is the day after Halloween (which, have I ever mentioned I HATE Halloween!), Thanksgiving arrived so quickly, we celebrated at preschool with everyone anyways...I know, NONE of those excuses are any good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Ya forget what it is like waiting on a bunch of girls to get ready to go into public!

This past weekend we let Taylor have two of her best girlfriends come stay the night on Friday. Will took them to the basketball game...they sat right behind the boys bench and even better Kellen Moore sat right behind them!!! Will and Kellen talked throughout the game and the girls just whispered amongst each other and giggled (silly girls)! Then, on Saturday we took the girls to the new released movie Hotel For Dogs. They got to sit a few rows in front of us (so they thought they were REALLY COOL)!

Sittin' away from the adults!

Before going to the theater we went past the Dollar Store to get candy. I learned this trick from Lolli, I wasn't smart enough to think of it on my own. They each got to pick out two boxes of candy. Once we got to the theater my extra large purse couldn't hold ALL the candy we bought so we just took in one box per person and they each took home a box.

It was a GREAT movie and we all had a great time. Nothing like having an August birthday in January! Happy Birthday Miss Tay!

Ryan is next...he will also get to take two friends with him to a new movie. He is still trying to decide which new movie coming out he wants to choose.


Lolli said...

Better late than never!! I think it's great to spread it out. Why do it all at once when you can celebrate every six months. I'd be up for that!! I can't believe how grown up the girls look. Yikers!! Happy late or early birthday Taylor!!

April said...

Happy belated birthday Taylor!!! My 11 year old has a December 27th birthday...ugh! She is having a party in the spring this year. We have done that several times and it works out great.