Saturday, December 13, 2008

Daddy's Home!!!

Yea, airplane peanuts and MarioKart Info!!!

Will had to go to California for business this week leaving Wednesday afternoon flying out of Portland. He and I have a joke that when he leaves for California he is really heading down there to visit his "girlfriend." I have named her "Cali." I told him he was probably just going down to visit "Cali" for "their holiday time together."

Ten o'clock at problem peanuts are a great late night snack!
Okay, so all joking aside...I really hate it when Will is away on a trip for many different reasons. One being the kids both think they need to fill that empty spot in our bed while daddy is gone. This time was no different. Wednesday night while I was tucking Ryan into his own bed for the night he says to me "Weemember when daddy has been gone before and sissy and I have gotten to take turns sweeping in your bed? Well, I think we need to do that this time. Tomorrow can I sweep in your bed?" I cringed, smiled and replied, "We will see how well you go to sleep in your own bed tonight." He smiled, rolled over in his bed and said NO PWOBLEM mom!" As I headed toward my room I realized I already had a little visitor, Little Miss Tay had already claimed Will's side of the bed, book in hand and her blanket. So, I told her she could sleep with me.

The following night Ryan had not forgotten about wanting to sleep with me. I told him he could if he laid right down and went straight to sleep. The next thing I know Miss Taylor is in my bed TOO! Ryan had told her she could sleep in my bed with us! Great 3 people in my bed together! What happened to one mom with TWO nights in a king sized bed alone? I wouldn't have been lonely I swear! But NOOOOO the kids didn't want me to sleep by myself. Thank you darlings! I woke up at 1:15am to Taylor at the bottom of the bed, Ryan right above her kicking her head and me with NO COVERS! I rearranged everyone to be woken back up less than two hours later to the exact scenario...Ryan kicking Tay at the bottom of the bed and myself completely uncovered. All I wanted was to sleep soundly for the night and I get two tossing monkeys in bed with me. Needless to say when my alarm went off I was just a bit sleepy and both kids jumped right out of bed.

But my BIGGEST worry while Will is traveling is obsessing the whole time about him getting into a wreck on the way to the airport or his plane going down in a ball of flames. I know he could just as easily get into a wreck right here in Prosser but the thought of him far away and out of reach always causes me extra stress. I know it sounds crazy and it really is hard to explain completely but I am always so thankful when I get that phone call from him when he has arrived safely at his destination and then again when he calls to tell me he has touched down in Portland and on his way home to us! There is something more about the holidays that makes him traveling even more unnerving!

Ryan finally able to hug his dad!

Last night when he came through the door the kids and I were racing to be the first in his arms. I WON! We were all so glad to have him back home. He even brought the kids back a couple things... two bags of peanuts from the airplane and a book for Mario Kart with information on how to win new items. They were soooo excited. I giggled and told him "Cali must have sent it as her Christmas present to them." Will just smiled and shook his head.

Will getting an earful from Ryan of all that has happened since he left.

We love you Will more than you know and we are sooooo glad to have you home safe and sound with us!!!!!!

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