Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank Goodness For Little Boys???

Ryan has been testing my every nerve these last few weeks. Up until then I didn't think it was possible for him to be anymore of a turkey...but he has proven me wrong!

I know as a teacher that when the students start acting up we blame it on the upcoming holiday or the change in weather, which is what I could do but what I really believe it is is 100% paybacks from the man upstairs for the way I behaved as child! My mother has been warning me and her warnings have now turned into nothin' but reality!

Here are just a few of the things Mr Ryan has been doing, there are MANY more but I am trying to block at least some of them out of my mind.

Last Thursday Ryan announced to me as we were getting ready to leave for school "I think I'll skip school today." I looked at him with the motherly "What the????" He looked me straight in the eyes smiling and said "It's not like anyone will find out." I had to give him the mother/teacher talk about why we ALL go to school. He listened then said "It's not like I would get into lots of trouble if they found out." I absolutely have lost control of my five year old!

That same day (after I got him to school) he was holding his pencil incorrectly (what is new!?!?) He will not listen to me when I talk to him about holding it right so his teacher, Mrs. Courtney sat down next to him walking him through (for the trillionth time) the right way to hold it. I looked over at him and he wasn't even looking down at his hand. He was looking straight ahead and I noticed a small roll of the eyes as Mrs. Courtney was talking to him. I wanted soooo badly to pick him up by his little ear and drag him out of the building. But I remembered that 1. It wasn't my classroom and 2. I probably didn't need Child Protective Services at my door.

This morning he told me that he really does like school. He said he could list his 3 favorite things about it. In my mind I was really hoping I would get a list of WONDERFULLY educational things. A mother can wish can't she!?!? This was his list:

1. Recess
2. Snack
3. Free Choice Time

As a teacher this is what I heard:

1. Socialize
2. Stuff my face and socialize
3. Socialize

I am so in for it with this wonderful boy that the Lord has blessed us with. I know you are all thinking how cute his list really is and that it is not only a typical boy but just a typical child at this age. I also know I am not suppose to compare children but Taylor NEVER talked this way about school. She couldn't get enough and still can't. She SOOOOO did not get that from me. I guess she is much more like her father and I guess RyJack is just "a bit" like ME. Please pray for us...it will be MANY, LONG years to get him through school!


Lolli said...

Oh my! I bet Nana Juli will be reading this with a big grin on her face!! Okay Amy...he's a darn funny kid. I think that little guy knows just what to say to get you going. He's a smart cookie. I think you need to do a regular Ryan log so we can all hear about his funny antics. (Just don't tell him we think it's kind of funny.) Good luck to ya! :)

Arianne said...

How funny!! I guess what goes around does come around. My sister was very difficult to raise, my mom always said I could of raised 10 of you and maybe 1/2 of your sister! My mom always secretly wish my sister would get some pay back with her own kids!!! It's to long of a story, but my nephew who is 22 did just that, my mom wishes she could take the wish back!!HA HA! Hang in there!

Alissa and baby Brody said...

Ryan is such a funny little guy! Hes deffenetly a boy, thats for sure. I have heard the whole motherly speach about what comes around goes around too, before I had Brody my mom would always warn me about it...but so far so good!

Lynn said...

Ahhh, he IS a boy :) All these things are just to keep us on our toes and make life interesting!!