Friday, December 26, 2008

For My Sister-In-Law!!

My sister-n-law, Kim, reminded me (kindly) that I have NOT kept up on my Monday Meal Ideas posts that I had promised.  She says she has been checking regularly looking for dinner ideas. Those of you who really know me are laughing hysterically at the fact that someone is coming to ME for recipe ideas!  

I do have some recipes ready for up coming Monday Meal Ideas.  But I didn't want Kim to have to wait that long so I want to add a link to this WONDERFUL new blog I have found.  It is called Sunday Baker and she has AMAZING recipes.  The one she currently has up is a recipe that my mommy used to make for a VERY SIMPLE finger food to take to parties: Ranch Oyster Crackers. I had made them once for BUNKO and they were a hit.  You find your hand going back and back into the bowl...DANGEROUS!! 

Give the Oyster Crackers a try I bet you will LOVE them!  But also, check out Tanya's blog Sunday Baker,I guarantee you will find some GREAT recipes to use...especially with New Year's coming up!

Hopefully, Kimme, this will tide you over until this Monday when I PROMISE I will post a new Monday Meal Ideas that you will LOVE!


Lolli said...

I'm glad she (kindly) reminded you. ;) I've been kind of wondering. We haven't eaten for weeks because I was waiting for a recipe.

Kim said...

Did I really remind you "kindly" or are you being sarcastic? And if I recall correctly, BRANDON was the one yelling in the background "Tell Amy she hasn't posted any recipes!!" LOL j/k Anyway, thanks for the links! And can't wait until tomorrow =)

love ya xoxox