Friday, December 19, 2008

Ryan's Christmas Program

One happy Wiseman!
Wednesday night Ryan's Preschool had their Christmas Program to celebrate Jesus' Birthday. They were all dress-up as different people for the Nativity Scene. Ryan got to be a Wiseman this year.

I have been able to listen to his class learn and practice the songs they were to sing on Wednesday night. Ryan had refused to practice his songs at home which made me a little concerned for the final performance. He did a much better job than I thought he would. There were more yawns coming from his mouth than words during the performance though.

Some of my pics turned out REALLY blurry...
I am having MAJOR camera operator problems!!!!
There were MANY funny moments from kids plugging their ears because the person next to them was singing too loud in their opinion to a little boy dressed as an angel taking his cape taken off and flinging it over his head continuously, even though the little girl next to him kept giving him the "mother scowl" and instructing him to put it back on! Preschoolers are so darn funny!!!!!!

Beautiful Miss. Abby (one of Ryan's classmates) dressed as an angel!

We did take the opportunity to get a family picture since all of us were dressed up and matched closely enough and the Christmas tree at the church was a perfect background.
The Beightol Family 2008

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Shannon said...

Such a beautiful family. Seriously, do you two age?

Hey, i stumbled upon your wedding pictures a few days times!