Thursday, December 25, 2008

Very Merry Christmas

We, the Beightol Family have had an amazingly and wonderfully blessed Christmas.  The kids slept soundly as Santa unloaded his sleigh.  And Nana, Papa, Will and I were awoken at 6:15 to little footsteps running through Nana and Papa's hallway waking us all up to see what Santa had brought.  None of us were disappointed!  

We were also able to open presents with Brandon, Kim and Mia (who were/are still in Florida) thanks to i-chat! We logged on with them just as we started opening presents at 6:30 am and finally said good-bye and logged off at 11:30ish this morning. Amazing that we could watch each other open gifts from across the United States.  

When we return home I will upload pictures from our fun-filled day!  Oh yeah, there will also be pics taken with my NEW CAMERA!  Thanks Will!  You have HAVE NEVER disappointed with gifts!

Merry Christmas to my blogging friends.  Hope your day was as joyous as ours!

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