Friday, December 19, 2008

{Fun Teacher Gifts}

This year I decided to be crafty for teacher presents! It all started out to be fun and relaxing until I put it off til the end!!! I am sooo much a procrastinator it isn't funny. But in the end it all turned out to be a success!

For Mr VonMoos, Taylor's classroom teacher, we gave a loaf of Pumpkin Bread with Craisins and pecans baked into it. We also gave him a tin filled with homemade fudge...yes you read that right...I did bake this holiday season!!!

To Mrs. Houtz, Tay's Open Door teacher, we gave a loaf of the Pumpkin Bread along with a tin of Fudge. We also gave her a clipboard which we covered with scrapbooking paper and some magnets. We didn't add the clipboard or magnets to Mr. VonMoos' gift because Tay thought they were "too girlie." I figured they were her teachers she could make that decision. :)

For Ms. Parker, Tay's Guitar teacher, we made some magnets and put them into a covered Altoid can. (Forgot to take a pic of that one too.)

Ryan's teachers all got decorated Clipboard and magnets...but I forgot to take a picture of them all. I will have to wait until the New Year and take pics with them in use. :)
We had a fun time putting our love into each gift for our teachers this year. I hope they love them as much as we did!!
Many of these could work for teacher gifts too!!


Lynn said...

Great job guys!! Gifts made from the heart are so personal and meaningful. My choice any day!!

Arianne said...

Love the teacher gifts!!! I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy all of your...Places that inspire you and the links you have!! I am going to try a few ideas that I got off of them. Thanks