Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stateward Bound

Last Saturday we headed over to Tacoma for the 2A State Championship Game. We had made arrangements with the Weinmann Family to meet at 7am and follow each other over. Of course by the time we got to Yakima the kids were all hungry. Brian suggested we stop at IHOP for some grub. It is always an adventure seating and feeding the 9 of us.
Tay, Little Will, Ryan, Brock and Kayla outside of IHOP
We loaded back up and got on the road to have Ryan begin asking "Are we almost there yet?" Will's response was "No, sit back, relax and we will let you know when we arrive." Just about that time Will gets a text message from Brian (yes, they were texting each other WHILE DRIVING!!!) which said "I need to pee!" We were just about at Ellensburg. Now, I have the BIGGEST pet-peeve of traveling with people who can not get into a vehicle and travel for SEVERAL hours at a time. I used to leave Pullman for Shelton and not stop ONCE...yes, it was a 6 hour drive. So, come on people take care of business so we can get to our destination please!!! It is always a joke that Will's dad has to stop at least 3 times traveling from Prosser to Seattle so I think Brian was being more funny than serious.
We didn't stop in Ellensburg but we did find ourselves stopping in North Bend for a potty break and a little sugar pick me up. Loaded back into our vehicles this time, destined only for the Tacoma Dome!
Once we arrived we got everyone dressed in their gear and ready to go. We had tons of fun. But the best part was hearing Little Will as he walked into the Tacoma Dome for the first time. He was oooing and aaahhhing. His eyes were huge and his smile stretched from ear to ear! What fun for him.
After watching the game before us finish up (the winning team won in the last minutes by ONE point) we finally got to head towards our seats. No sooner did we get seated that the kids all wanted food. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!
This group of goofballs after eating BLUE Cotton Candy!
The Hicks Family came and joined us and helped corral all of the kids together. The game was fun with a lot of action down at our end. The second half brought more action and we (the fans) began to get a bit too relaxed (thinking it was pretty much wrapped up). With two minutes to go the game was tied. And in the second OT Prosser went for two which would have won the game...unfortunately the other team intercepted the ball...we lost by ONE POINT!
The Prosser Boys played their hearts out all season! The coaches coached their hearts out all season! They have NOTHING to hang their heads about! It was a tough game and another WONDERFUL season!

Ryan and Brock discussing what it will be like

when THEY get to play there!


Thompson Family said...

Oh my gosh... Kayla looks exactly like Barbie! I thought it was Barbie, haha.

Lynn said...

It was still fun and a great season for those boys. Funny that we followed you ;)

SunnyD said...

You are TROOPERS for driving over that day. My kids would be so mad if they didn't get to swim at the motel. :) Isn't it just totally fun getting all decked out in red and white?

Alissa and baby Brody said...

It looks like you all had alot of fun. I remember going to the state games a couple years ago when I was in highschool, It was always so much fun. I bet the kids just had a blast. Bummer that they lost though, but like you said it was still a good season.