Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preschool PJ Party

Last week was nothing but a whirlwind for Messiah Preschool kids, teachers and parents! Monday they decorated Nativity Scenes. Wednesday they had their Christmas Program and Thursday brought Pajama Day/Christmas Party Day!!!

Ryan was so excited for Pajama Day to arrive. The Weinmann boys had pajama day at their school earlier in the year so Ryan thought he was pretty cool to have his own pajama day finally!

The kids were so cute showing off their pj's with each other. It was amazing how much more calm they were all day dressed this way. I think their minds were tricked into being tired!
They started their day by making Christmas cards, then Free Choice time, Worship time with Pastor Gilkey, onto snack time, THEN FINALLY what they had all been waiting for...COOKIE DECORATING!!!!!

It was hilarious watching each kid decorate their cookie with frosting and different toppings. Some ate their nummy cookie immediately where others chose to take theirs home.

Finally, to finish up their day they got to watch a movie. They were all cuddled up with pillows completely taking in the entire movie.

It was a great way to wrap up the learning before break. I am sure MANY went home and took a nice long nap...especially the teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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