Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fifth Grade Christmas Fun

Last Friday was Taylor's classroom Christmas Party. Ryan and I arrived just at 1:30 in time to pass out the popcorn balls that Tay and Nana had made for the class. I also took cupcakes and candycanes. Michele and Brittney brought gingerbread cookies and the kids had plenty of pop and time to enjoy each others company. Michele and I walked around taking pics of the class while they talked and giggled showing off their "eating skills." Ryan had his own seat with Taylor at her table and I believe learned a "few things" from the big kids!
The only other Christmas party of Tay's I have been to was when she was in Kindergarten because I was on maternity leave with Ryan. I am SOOOOOOOO thankful that I am home now to be able to share in these special times with my children. Having always worked, I wasn't able to take the time off to be able to do these things (that whole "being responsible for the job you are hired for" thing that some just don't (won't) ever get.)

The kids had a great time and I bet Mr VonMoos was excited when the 3 o'clock bell rang to send all those sugar high kids home for the LONG break


SunnyD said...

Ok...TAYLORS hair is so stinkin cute like that!!!!

Shannon said...

Your daughter is such a little fashionista! I love it, my oldest is the same way.